Supermarket Tips and Tricks

We've become very sceptical of the supermarkets as of late and why shouldn't we? As much as they'd like us believe, they aren't are friends, they want as much of our money as they can get hold of, like any business. It's up to us to realise this and keep a savvy eye peeled on what goes into our shopping baskets. Don't Believe the Hype Of course they think they're awesome, I think I'm awesome, but like the supermarkets you... [Continue reading]

New this Week


Mother’s Day Present Ideas

Ideas for Mother's Day Presents Mother's Day is upon us once again and rather than going down the route of expensive flowers to show your appreciation of your Mum, here are some ideas for inexpensive and personal gifts to show your love.   Potted... [Continue reading]


Weddings on a Budget: Venue

The venue is usually the most expensive part of the whole day. However it doesn’t need to cost an arm and leg. Firstly, you’ll need an idea of the number of guests you plan on inviting, obviously the fewer guests you have the less your wedding will cost overall, so if you... [Continue reading]

Money Saving Tips

20 Quick & Simple Money Saving Tips

Would you like to save money and pay off those ghastly credit card bills in less than a year? We've put together some quick and simple money saving tips in a neat little slide show. These are more or less common sense. But we all have one of this 'A-Ha' moments of realisation... [Continue reading]


Tips for Moving House When You Rent

The cost of moving house and some handy tips to bear in mind. Last week I moved house. I hate moving house. As my wife and I rent, we’ve moved four times in the last six years. We’ve moved for various reasons, mostly because the landlord wants the house back to either sell... [Continue reading]