About The Saving AgelsThe Saving Angels are a group of passionate scrimpers, savers and penny pinchers providing you with a single source of money saving tips, savvy shopping tricks, cheeky earners and money related guides. We seek to provide relevant money saving and financial guidance on shopping, financial products, house, lifestyle and holidays. We also look at all the latest bargains, discounts, sales and discount codes for you to save even more of the little extras.

We’re by no means experts – we’ve just got am eagle eye for a bargain and keen to share our experiences in making money stretch that little bit further. Our tips, tricks and hints come in the form of our own experience. We look to research all are topics thoroughly to ensure you have the right information, from a huge range of sources and where possible we’ll link back to the original source.


Why do this? Well why not? Times are tough and we’re all trying to get by while the cost of living goes up and our salaries remain adamant about not growing. If we can find a cheeky little deal to treat yourself too without the guilt or provide some info that’ll save you £100 on your gas then that means a lot to us. Fighting the system is hard work, so if we could all do it in one space it’ll save us all a lot of time and effort.


How do we do it? We spend a lot of time on the Internet, like an unhealthy amount of time. Usually on YouTube looking at bulldogs jumping on trampolines. But occasionally we’ll come across some useful information, the odd voucher code and lots of discount sales. We’ll try to cram it all into our website for you, so you don’t have to.

As you can imagine, that’s a lot of information. So the best thing to do is use the search box, flick through the categories, sign up for our emails, Like us on Facey B and follow us on Twitter. We promise not to fill up your News Feed with junk.


So, if you hadn’t got it by now we’re awesome, and you’re awesome! So let’s all be awesome together and spread the money saving love.

Anything else?

We know that not all our tips and tricks will be applicable to everyone, and are always looking for the opinions of others, so feel free to share your own experiences in our comment section or on Facebook.

Our site is free to use, if you’re interested in how we’re funded please click here.

Please note: We are in no way providing financial advice; the information contained on this site is based on personal experience and should not be used to make important financial decisions. Where possible seek professional advice and always do your own research from multiple sources of information to determine what is best for your particular situation.

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