How this Site is Funded

Before using this site we would like you to understand why it has come about. The site was started by three individuals who thought it would be good to pass on tips and hints for saving money that they’d found on the internet.

We’re not experts and this site might contain errors or omissions, or might contain tips that are possibly not the best option for everyone or in the cases of Jamie Dickinson, lots of spelling mistakes. As we’re not experts we have to stress that people should use this information at their own risk and we can’t accept any liability whatsoever if things don’t work out as expected.

We are not a business so we aren’t able to offer any kind of financial advice. We are simply passing on information that we have found helpful to us. We think it is essential that any user of this site does their own research before following any of the tips or hints.

We may offer links to third party websites, we cannot be held responsible for the content of third party sites so again we would stress that you research any information you find before following any tips. We must also stress that occasionally companies go bust and we can’t be held responsible for this if you have accessed one of these companies through our website.

We’d like to let you know how we fund our site so it stays free for you to use.

The site is different to other sites in the fact that nobody can pay to appear on the site and we don’t charge people to use the site.

We place appropriate advertisements around our site, as you may have seen, we may also occasionally add an appropriate affiliate link – this means that clicks through the link can be tracked and may result in a payment to our site if a purchase is made. Any money generated from the click of an affiliate link is put straight back into the site to cover the cost of running the site – we do not generate profit.

An affiliate link will sometimes generate a payment to the site when a sale is made, or sometimes it will just be because the link has been clicked or because a successful application has been made.

We would only ever add an affiliate link or banner advert if we thought it was relevant to the story or article that had been written. We would never just list affiliate links in order to get clicks – it would only be added if it potentially benefited the website user. We would also never make an article biased in order to promote the affiliate link that paid the most. We have our principals after all!

The site is operated on a not-for-profit basis by three individuals, a couple of contributors, some guest bloggers and a raccoon named Geoffrey  It’s not a business, nor are we acting as part of any profession, and any future payments which we may generate will simply fund the cost of running the site.

So, there you go, we really are as awesome as we make out. Apart from Geoffrey, he tells really bad jokes and eats my hummus from the fridge.

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