Beginners Guide to Selling Online

Selling your stuffSelling your things is a fantastic way of not only making a bit of extra cash, but also de-cluttering your house from the unwanted.

Before, it was either through classified ads in the local paper or at car boot sales, but now we have the Internet, and making money from unwanted goods, has never been easier.

Your Angels are here to walk you through you various options in selling online…

Auction Sites

When folk talk about online selling, eBay is usually the first site that comes to mind. The online auction giant has been going since the early days of the web and managed to survive the Internet bubble burst in the early 2000’s. An alternative is rival eBid, while not as well known provides a similar service.

In simple terms, users sign up and create a listing for the item they are selling to be auctioned. This includes a description of the item, a clear and accurate picture, additional delivery costs and the condition.

There are two ways of selling, either as an auction or a Buy Now price. In the auction option you can set the initial price, or begin at £0.00. Users interested in your item will then make bids for that item until the auction finishes (usually five to seven days). Setting the initial price can be tricky, as you want to make sure you make some money, but you also want to entice people into bidding on the item. If two or more people are very interested, this can lead to bidding war and hopefully drive the price up.

Alternatively you set a Buy Now price. Although you may be guaranteed a sale, you may be able to get more in auction, or vice versa. Your best bet is to research the item you’re selling first. This will give you an idea of how much similar items are going for, delivery costs and if there is a Buy Now price.

Note: It is illegal to create a second, false account to bid on your own item to try and drive the price up. With eBay honesty is also the best policy, so make sure your honest about the condition and delivery charges. Users can leave feedback on other users they have dealt with, which will tell you what kind of buyer/seller they are, this means you can also receive feedback.

You’ll need to list the delivery method (costs/pick up only etc.) and payment terms in your original listing. Payment is usually done through PayPal, a well established and secure website service which facilitates online payments.

When you are creating your listing, you will be charged a small fee to do so usually £1.30 but can depend on the item being sold, occasionally eBay has free posting days, so keep an eye out for those. If you’re creating a large number of listings it may be expensive and difficult to manage. You’ll also pay a closing fee, which is 10% of the winning bid.

Classified Sites

Another option is to use a classifieds website such as Gumtree. Due to size of Gumtree, it separates classifieds by area, such as Gumtree Manchester or Gumtree Birmingham. Users create a free account, once this is done users are free to create listing for their items they wish to sell. As with auction sites, the more detail you can provide in the description, including decent pictures, the greater chance you’ll have at gaining interest.

Instead of auctions sites, you simply list you item for a certain amount and are free to sell it to who you wish, as such it’s usually first come, first served. Your listing will appear for seven days, however you can pull it down early if the item is sold, or choose to put your listing up for another seven days.

Recycling Sites

As of late there have been a number of adverts on the TV advertising websites which will buy your mobile and recycle them. You can visit sites such as Mazumba Mobile or Envirophone which will tell you up front how much your phone will be brought for. Some Smartphones can reach up to £150, while older models will be worth less. A little bit of research will be able to tell you roughly how much the mobile is worth – although you may be able to get more on eBay or Gumtree, you have the advantage that you are guaranteed the amount on the recycling website.

Other websites such as WeeeBuy, will buy other items such as mp3’s cameras, gaming consoles and even hair straighterners and Dysons. Websites like MusicMagpie will also buy unwanted games, DVD’s and CD’s. They provide a very user friendly service such as their iPhone app which scans barcodes. They’ll also pick up any packages which contain more than 50 discs. CD’s will usually go for £2, depending on how rare or in stock they are. Again, you may be able to make more on other sites; it’s much less hassle, especially if you are selling multiple items or don’t have much time.

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