Travelling at Christmas

Travelling at Christmas; be safe, be economical and know what to do… At midday tomorrow, I’ll be finishing work, heading home, picking up the wife and dogs and setting off back to Hampshire for Christmas. Chris Rea may make an appearance, or at least his sound-a-like on the dodgy Christmas album by wife downloaded of iTunes. On a good run … Continue reading

High Street

Go Local for Your Christmas Presents

Support your local traders & retailers this Christmas About a month ago, one of my Facebook friends posted about supporting local and independent traders and retailers. I was fairly dismissive of it at first – it’s a horribly middle class statement in the same lines as going organic. But then I began to think about it and remembered another friend … Continue reading


Last Order Dates for Christmas Day

Last order dates in time for Christmas day We’ve rounded up the last order days for free, express and next day delivery on all your favourite high street and online retailers. Time Delivery Price Saturday 15th Dec House of Fraser 5pm Collect in Store (free) Marks & Spencer’s (food) 5pm Collect in Store (free) Waitrose – Free with a min spend of £50 … Continue reading


Christmas Leftover Recipes

The 25th of December is a very gluttonous day for all and you spend December looking forward to stuffing yourself full of yummy delights. Your Mum makes enough for 40 and even though you cram your face all day, it doesn’t even make a dent in the mountains of food. But don’t worry, Your Savings Angels have found some lovely … Continue reading


Reasons to be Cheerful: Christmas

Huzzah! It’s Christmas – as if you needed some reasons to be cheerful! But we like to share the massive amounts of awesomeness in the world, so we thought we’d round up some of the best thing about Christmas! Firstly, I only have two weeks of work left before I travel down to Hampshire with my wife and dogs to … Continue reading


Homemade Christmas Decorations

In the next few days, you will be scrabbling around in the loft and dusting off your ancient Christmas ornaments. However, if you fancy upgrading the decade old decorations, don’t get your wellies and waterproofs out just yet. Why don’t you DIY some new accessories instead of buying them? You can do it by yourself, as an activity for the … Continue reading


Money Saving Tips for Christmas

I love Christmas, I love my family and I love buying them presents, as such I can easily get carried away with present buying…and that’s no good for anyone. It’s not just presents either, Christmas parties, food, drink, transport and those big ass tins of Quality Streets, mean that we spend a colossal amount of cash at Christmas, when we … Continue reading


Let’s be Sensible; Don’t Waste Your Money on Tat this Christmas

More money saving tips for you to have an awesome Christmas. Recently, money saving God and premier promoter of smugness, Martin Lewis has been campaigning for us to ‘Save money, don’t buy Christmas presents.’ Now that sounds awfully alarmist and I’m sure many people will sneer at the statement; the truth is though, is that it’s simply a sensationalist, attention … Continue reading


DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

The Christmas period is officially in full swing now and whether we like it or not the present buying has to happen sooner or later, so we’ve got some great DIY Christmas gift ideas for you… Your Money Saving Angels have already started banging on about Christmas here and here because we really want you to get the best deals and … Continue reading


15 Novelty Gift Ideas for Christmas

Your Saving Angels have already done an article on how to be smart when it comes to Christmas shopping and although we told you to spend wisely and buy gifts for your loved ones that they will actually want, we couldn’t help ourselves. So we have searched the internet and found some awesome novelty gifts that may just be the … Continue reading