Tips for Moving House When You Rent

The cost of moving house and some handy tips to bear in mind. Last week I moved house. I hate moving house. As my wife and I rent, we’ve moved four times in the last six years. We’ve moved for various reasons, mostly because the landlord wants the house back to either sell... [Continue reading]


Recycle, Up-cycle and Re-purpose

Save money by recycling, up-cycling and re-purposing old and broken things. We waste an awful lot of our stuff. As soon as something's broken we tend to simply bin it, filling up landfill sites even more. There was a time when if something broke, you'd have to make do and fix... [Continue reading]


Money Saving Tips for your Gas Bill

Save money on you gas bills as the temperature drops. Just as we thought we were done with winter, we get news of a nasty looking winter winds making their way over from Russia. Not cool. Combined with the forthcoming energy price hikes and we’re all looking for ways to... [Continue reading]


Save Money on Energy: The Green Deal

A new Government scheme to save you money on your energy bills. On the 28th of January a new government scheme will begin called the Green Deal. This new scheme is intended to allow people to make energy saving improvements to their homes without having to pay all costs up... [Continue reading]


Homemade Cleaning Product Recipes

I have two dogs, so I tend to get through my fair share of cleaning products if I'm to keep my house somewhat clean. But the thing is cleaning products are expensive, especially if you're buying the industrious stuff regularly... But the fact is our Mother’s always had... [Continue reading]