Energy Prices Set to Rise This Winter

Its news that is never welcome, but often inevitable during tough economic times – energy prices are rising once again after months of prediction by Banks and economists.

Scottish and Southern Energy is the first of the major energy suppliers to announce a price hike come winter effecting millions of people – approximately 5 million for gas electricity and 3.4 for gas who are not on fixed rate tariffs.

The likelihood is that other energy companies will follow suit – apart from Eon, who have pledged a promise to keep it’s costs fixed until the end of 2012, so come January 2013 Eon customers maybe in the same boat.

What Now?

Well, the fact is that a lot of people already overpay on their energy bills. So this could be the catalyst for millions seeking cheaper tariffs. Take some time to look at your cheapest options and compare tariffs, using comparison sites like uSwitch. It’s often cheapest to go with a fix tariff and so long as there aren’t any exit fees then this may be your best option.

You can find some of energy saving tips from the Angels here. You can use sites like Energy Saving Trust, who provide a free home energy check for your home. The report they provide will tell you how you can save hundreds on your annual bills.

Other Energy Saving Tips?

The best way to reduce your energy bills is to use the most energy efficient appliances as possible. Of course this includes expensive costs upfront – but if you have the funds up front, a new more efficient boiler could save you hundreds per year.

But just using simple common sense can also have a noticeable effect on your energy bills.

  • Wearing warming clothing inside rather then turning the heating up
  • Close curtains at dusk
  • Fix leaky taps
  • Keep furniture away from radiators
  • Turning your thermostat down buy a few degrees, won’t leave you freezing but will take a couple of pence of your bill
  • Keep the water temperature at a reasonable 60 degrees
  • Using your washing machine at a lower temperature and where possible use economy settings
  • Try using washing machines and dish washers when they are full rather then multiple times with half loads
  • Energy efficient light bulbs?
  • Only light rooms you’re using
  • Don’t leave electronics on stand by
  • Only charge you’re phone when you need too rather then every night as standard
  • Draught proof your home and see if you qualify for free loft or cavity insulation

We’ll keep you updated on the next developments on increasing energy prices and other ways you can reduce your energy bills.




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