Money Saving Tips

20 Quick & Simple Money Saving Tips

Would you like to save money and pay off those ghastly credit card bills in less than a year? We've put together some quick and simple money saving tips in a neat little slide show. These are more or less common sense. But we all have one of this 'A-Ha' moments of realisation... [Continue reading]

Money Saving Tips

Quit Smoking to Save Millions

A recently released report by the Investor’s Chronicle has revealed how quitting smoking aged 20 could make you a millionaire by the time you retire. Simply saving the price of a packet of cigarettes each day in a shoebox will leave you approximately £120,000 over 45... [Continue reading]


Insurance You Might Not Need

There's lots of different types of insurance, and in theory it's always a good idea to protect yourself, however... The Angels aren't quite convinced that you need every type of insurance under the sun. Think if you actually need any of these type of cover and save some... [Continue reading]