Saving & Budgeting

Terrible Money Saving Tips

This picture popped up on the interwebz over the last couple of days, and putting aside the fact that it’s an appallingly bad idea, let along in no way money saving, it got me thinking of the worst money saving tips out there: So, here we go, the worst possible tips that... [Continue reading]

Saving & Budgeting

20 Tips to Save Money this Winter

Winter is officially here (I think), and unfortunately it's one of the most expensive times of the year with Christmas and the increase in energy to stop our toes from falling off! But fear not! The Angels have put together a sweet little slide show to fill you in on all... [Continue reading]

High Street

Tips for Back to School Shopping

The best strategy for back-to-school shopping? Get organised, stock up on the basics, and look for sales and promotions. Start your back-to-school shopping with a game plan. Even if your child's teacher hasn't provided a list of school supplies, you can't go wrong by sticking... [Continue reading]

Saving & Budgeting

Guide to Junior ISA’s

If you were unable to get a child trust fund you can now open a junior ISA. It is exactly the same as the ‘recently abolished’ Child Trust Funds in that you are able to pay in up to £3600 a year and your child cannot access these funds until they are 18, although they can... [Continue reading]