Make Money: Reclaim your Mis-Sold PPI Now

Have you actually claimed back your mis-sold PPI? It’s one of those things that we keep meaning to do, but just never seem to remember to do. Not that it’s that difficult, supposedly, but yet there’s still a huge sum of money sitting in the banks dedicated budgets to... [Continue reading]


Utility Doorstep Mis-Selling

Britain’s big utilities should cease to use “Del Boy” selling tactics and voluntarily refund customers mis-sold energy contracts, a committee of MPs has demanded. Four of the six biggest energy suppliers are under investigation by Ofgem, the regulator, for allegedly... [Continue reading]


Have I Been Mis-Sold PPI?

Most days PPI News can be found in the daily news papers, regarding the mass PPI mis-selling scandal. Although it’s been revealed that potentially millions of people have been mis-sold the controversy cover, the latest PPI news is surrounding claims that have been submitted... [Continue reading]

Bank Charges

Credit Card & Bank Charges

For years the credit card companies have been hitting their customers with excessive charges every time they go over their agreed credit limit or make a late payment. But consumer law says that credit card companies can only charge a fee that covers the costs of late payment or... [Continue reading]